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My Background

Personal Profile

I have been teaching for more than 8 years including primary, secondary schools and college in United Kingdom. I have a deep passion and enthusiasm for education that I would love to share with students. I possesses a thorough and deep understanding of concepts and I am skilled at breaking down complex topics into more manageable chunks that students can understand.

I fully understand the curriculum across all key stages. I have a caring and supportive approach which makes students comfortable to ask questions and learning from their own mistakes.

I have a approach of relating math's in real life and creates a story behind
mathematical concepts to relate to real life. In my opinion, the classroom should be full of excitement where students are having discussions about problem solving skills.

I have a adaptable approach which suits all students' learning styles and abilities. I genuinely care about my students' progress and I am willing to put in the extra effort to help them succeed.

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PGCE with QTS (Mathematics)

United Kingdom

Learning outcome: It prepared me to have deep understanding of the mathematics curriculum, including key concepts, principals and problem-solving strategies.

Having a knowledge of using variety of strategies to meet students’ needs from different abilities and learning styles tremendously helps to generate positive results in their examinations.  

BSc in Mathematics and its learning 

United Kingdom

I managed to get insight into various teaching methods and learnt how people learn mathematics and other subjects. My comprehension of mathematics and statistics has tremendously grown. Also, it has widened my perspective on what it means to study, teach, and apply these topics in real world.  

A student who wants to understand a subject and retain it for a longer period must use the abilities they have learned in real-world situations.

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