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Science Tutor

Slough, UK

Job Type



On - Site

About the Role

Conduct individual or small group tutoring sessions to teach Science up to GCSE level.
Assess student's strengths and weaknesses and create personalized learning plans to
address their specific needs.

Stay up-to-date with the latest teaching methods, educational trends, and subject-specific
advancements, you will be guided by qualified experienced teacher. You must be willing and
interested to take this opportunity to learn and grow as a teacher/tutor.

Prepare and deliver engaging and interactive lessons that align with the curriculum and
learning objectives.

Help students develop strong language skills and reading comprehension.
Foster a positive and supportive learning environment to encourage student participation
and confidence.

Provide constructive feedback and continuous encouragement to motivate students to
reach their academic goals.

Monitor student's progress and track their performance through regular assessments and

Communicate with parents/guardians to provide updates on student's progress and address
any concerns.


  • Must be able to teach English up to GCSE level.

  • GCSE or equivalent qualification in the subject is required.

  • Bachelor degree in relevant subject is desired but not essential.

  • QTS, QTLS or any other teaching experience in an informal environment is preferable.

  • You must be willing to learn and grow as a teacher/tutor.

  • Passionate about education and committed to helping students achieve academic success.

  • DBS on update service is preferable.

  • You must be committed to staying with the company for at least 1 year.

About the Company

Study Thiara is led by a qualified and experienced teacher. We embrace a culture of continuous
learning and improvement, fostering an environment where both tutors and students can grow
together. Our tutors are not only educators but also role models, embodying the values of integrity, empathy, and dedication. We prioritize open communication, feedback, and professional
development, ensuring our team stays at the forefront of educational innovation.

Join Study Thiara on this fulfilling journey of mentorship, growth, and inspiration. Together, let's
shape the educators and achievers of tomorrow while upholding our shared mission to make a
difference, one student at a time.

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